Legal document management should be easy, accessible and cost efficient

We are a legal tech company that offers SaaS solutions and cloud technology to support all business units (including legal department) of Indonesian companies becoming more efficient, cost effective and scalable when dealing with legal matters and documentation.

LexDigi's Platform Showcase

LexDigi solve these problems to boost productivity and efficiency of your company when dealing with its legal documents.

  • LIMITED ACCESS for lots of legal documents
  • DIFFICULT TO ACCESS when needed
  • TIME WASTED to understand what's important in a legal document
  • LIMITED RESOURCES to manage and monitor legal documents

Cloud Based Data Room

You can store and easily access your company's key information and legal documents (e.g., corporate deeds, licenses, material contracts, finance documents, etc.) anywhere in the world and at any time.

Access Sharing & Storage

An adequate and upgradable e-storage will be made available for your company's legal documents. And as and when needed, you can easily share and set your invitees’ authorization when accessing the legal information and documents of your company that you wish to share.


You will be connected with the legal service providers of your choice, so that you could easily reach out to them for any legal service needs that you may have from time to time, through LexDigi.

Summary of Legal Document

The key information and documents that you inserted and uploaded to LexDigi will be automatically previewed in the form of summary. This will not only save you a lot of time, but essentially, you are expected to no longer have issues in remembering the key legal information of your company going forward.

Compliance Reminder

You will be empowered with a reminder tool so that you will always aware on the important dates related to your company’s legal information and documentation.

Legal Secretary

A dedicated paralegal will be provided to assist you in organizing and updating the key information and legal document of your company. This service is available for you if you use our Premium Subscription Plan.

LexDigi not only simplify the way you store, manage and monitor your legal documentation, but it will also give you an easy access to
your selected legal service providers.

How LexAssist Will Help You?

By subscribing to LexDigi, you are just "LexAssist" away from reaching out to your dedicated legal service provider. You just need to click and submit any legal related queries that you may have through LexAssist, and your legal service providers will take it from there.

Subscription Plan

Start managing your legal documents with LexDigi to generate awareness and mitigate legal incompliance.

Our Comfortable Rates:


1 month free
  • Limited Access to LexDigi Platform
  • Compliance Reminder
  • LexAssist
  • 1 Invitee Sharing Account
  • 100 MB Storage


IDR 500,000 /month
  • Full Access to LexDigi Platform
  • Compliance Reminder
  • LexAssist
  • 5 Invitees Sharing Account
  • 1 GB Storage


IDR 3,000,000 /month
  • Full Access to LexDigi Platform
  • Compliance Reminder
  • LexAssist
  • 5 Invitees Sharing Account
  • 1 GB Storage
  • Legal Secretary

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