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The key information and documents that you inserted and uploaded to LexDigi will be automatically previewed in the form of summary. This will not only save you a lot of time, but essentially, you are expected to no longer have issues in remembering the key legal information of your company going forward.

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Upload your company's legal documents and their key information will be made in a due diligence report format, for ease of reference. Collaborate with your team or external counsels in managing and monitoring your company's legal documents and key obligations online.


A built-in reminder tool will help you and your team to take any necessary action for your legal documents(e.g., renewing your expiring license or contracts, or performing an obligation as set out under a license or a contract).


You will be connected with the legal service providers of your choice, so that you could easily reach out to them for any legal service needs that you may have from time to time, through LexDigi.

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