What is the connection between LexDigi Platform and LexDigi's Partners ?

LexDigi's platform is not only a place where you can manage, store and monitor your company's legal documentation, but it is also a hub that connect you with our LexDigi's Partners, for any legal related supports and services that your company may need.

Please see LexDigi Platform Services and LexDigi's Partners for further information.

What is the main difference between Trial, Standard and Premium subscription package ?

Unlike our Standard and Premium subscription package, the Trial subscription package has limited contents for storing and managing your company's data and legal documentation (i.e., it only covers corporate deeds and other general corporate documents, and does not cover licenses, material agreements and finance documents).

While the contents for storing and managing your company's legal documents between the Standard and the Premium subscription package are the same, however, if you are using our Premium subscription package, you will be provided with a dedicated Legal Secretary to store and manage your legal documents in LexDigi's platform.

What if I want to stop my subscription ?

Your subscription will be valid on a monthly, semi-annually or annually basis (as the case may be) from your date of subscription. In case you are subscribing to either the Standard or Premium subscription packages, please note that although your subscription payment is non-refundable, you are however free to terminate your subscription at any time before it ends.

Who are our LexDigi's Partners ?

They are your legal counsels who are not only experienced and well versed in their respective legal practice areas/ industries but also those who understand the importance of leveraging technology in providing faster and reliable legal solutions to you.

What are the benefits of subscribing to our LexDigi's Partners program ?

LexDigi's Partners will have a partner-level dashboard to manage their clients who have successfully used LexDigi Platform. In addition, they will also have a customizable website (with their own sub domain) that showcases, among others, their respective legal practice areas/ industries, credentials, brand, etc.

Moreover, LexDigi’s Partner will also be provided with a set of legal services supporting tools, which currently include shared regulations data base, legal glossary, useful directories and legal publications.

For more information about LexDigi's Partner, please click here.

What is a Legal Secretary ?

LexDigi Legal Secretary is a dedicated secretary, who will manage and store all your documents to your LexDigi's platform. This service will be made available for you only if you subscribed to the Premium subscription package.

How does access sharing work in LexDigi Platform?

You can manage all your invitations and sharing setting on your account page (Manage Account – Invitees). The invitees will receive an e-mail containing a link to access LexDigi's platform. You can choose your invitee's role (as an observer or editor) and which data and documents accessible to the invitees. In other words, you are in control of the data and documents that you share with the invitees.

How many people can be invited to your Company's profile in LexDigi ?

By default, if you are subscribing to our Standard or Premium subscription packages, you could send invitations to up to 5 invitees (either as an observer or editor), whereby, if you are still using the Trial subscription package, you could only send an invitation to 1 invitee (either as an observer or editor). In any event, you could always add more invitees from your account page (Manage Account – Invitees – List of Invitees).

How much space does my Company get ?

As a starter, Standard and Premium subscribers will have 1 GB of storage per Company Profile (which is more or less equal to up to 500 pdf files), while Trial subscribers will have 100 MB of storage per Company Profile (which is more or less equal to up to 50 pdf files) – assuming the average size of 1 pdf file is 2000 KB. In any event, additional storage is always available for purchase. Please learn the details here.

What payment methods do we accept ?

Supported by our partner, Xendit, we offer various payment methods. You are free to choose one that suits you most from any of the following methods :

  • Virtual Account/ ATM/ Bank Transfer:
    • BCA
    • BRI
    • BNI
    • Permata Bank
    • Mandiri
    • Prima
    • ATM Bersama
    • Alto

For any technical problems or questions regarding LexDigi or its services, you can reach us at +6221 2788 1999 (on business days only, from 10:00 to 18:00 Jakarta time), or via email to support@LexDigi.id.